Monday, February 12, 2007

Found: Comment Propaganda

Yay! Someone's got the hang of it! I had this comment in my last post:

Come to Glasto Chris, howay man !
I'll buy you a pear cider and direct you to the nicer toilets !
There we go. That's some good propaganda right there. Pear cider and nice toilets? I'm on my way, good sir or madame!

Monday, January 22, 2007

No Propaganda Yet?

I'm extremely disappointed at the extreme lack of propaganda examples that you Internet people have been flooding my comments section with.

Or, should I say, not flooding my comments with.

Ha, did you see what I did there with the "not" and all that? That was pretty cool, right?

Regardless, bring me propaganda or bring me puppies. The choice is yours.


Welcome to the Christopherbate Propaganda.

Have you seen any good government-issued propaganda over Christopherbate, or maybe Christophergate, recently? If so, let us know, please! We will take our time to investigate your propaganda submission, and possibly to respond, if we can.