Monday, February 12, 2007

Found: Comment Propaganda

Yay! Someone's got the hang of it! I had this comment in my last post:

Come to Glasto Chris, howay man !
I'll buy you a pear cider and direct you to the nicer toilets !
There we go. That's some good propaganda right there. Pear cider and nice toilets? I'm on my way, good sir or madame!


Buentes said...

Is your film out on DVD yet ? Bring me a copy to Glasto and in return I will sort you out with yummy pear cider, a big phat spliff (made with Legal High stuff, obviously) and a 'wacky' hat.

Deal or no deal Chris ?

Thanks, Chris



Anonymous said...

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despiteme said...

Could i have some non alcoholic pear cider please?

As for clean toilets...i have 3 in my apartment!